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Simply Nature Organic at Aldi’s

I was so excited when I shopped Aldi’s earlier today; they have reintroduced their organic food line!

They have a wide variety from cheese sticks to chips to tomato sauce.

Aldi’s first introduced the Simply Nature product line back in the fall of last year. After a few months I noticed that my Aldi’s was clearancing out all the organic brand products so I asked a store clerk about it. She told me the Simply Nature line is consitered a seasonal product so they will only sell them at certain times throughout the year.

The good news about that is, when they clearance out the leftovers you can stock up on organic products for cheaper than non organic options. It’s really a great deal for the smart shopper. Be sure to check it out at your local Aldi’s.

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5 Comments to "Simply Nature Organic at Aldi’s"

  1. Nancy Skeens says:

    I was thrilled when Aldi’s in Meadville, PA started carrying Simply Nature Organic products. Their yogurt is the absolute best tasting I have ever encountered! I started patronizing Aldi’s and was very disappointed when they discontinued carrying these organic products. I am sure I would have started purchasing more at Aldi’s if they had continued with Simply Nature Organic products.

    • Erica Lynn says:

      Yes it is disappointing they cannot yet carry them all the time. However, that do continue to bring them back about once a quarter so be sure to check back every once in a while.

  2. mary clement says:

    I never shopped at Aldi’s til I heared you carried organic foods…WAY TO GO

  3. Linda Hill says:

    I had never eaten Simply Nature till the other day I found the cranberry almond fruit & nut bar.Best product with NO chemicals, fantastic flavor.I hope Aldi will carry more products in CT.I am going back for a more intriguing shopping hunt. I hope I succeed.

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